The mission of the Chattanooga Design Studio is to enhance Chattanooga’s quality of life by educating the community about, advocating for, and facilitating excellent urban design.

The work of the Studio takes many forms: studies, charrettes and exhibitions for the general public; programs for the professional design community and general public; facilitation for community stakeholders; consultation with the development community; and resources for local government.

The Chattanooga Design Studio builds upon the rich legacy of the community’s former studio that operated from 1980 until 2005. While there is no formal connection between the two iterations, they are linked by consistent funding partners, shared personnel, and philosophical alignment.


We Believe…

  • Downtown is for everyone;
  • An inclusive approach to design and planning is essential;
  • Downtown and urban neighborhoods are vitally important;
  • Quality at all levels of design, planning and construction is crucial;
  • The character of the public realm is an expression of community values;
  • Good urban design requires conscious, collaborative and cooperative action;
  • Urban design can improve quality of life for all Chattanoogans.