Chattanooga Urbanists, or CURB, exists to increase activism by the individual in transforming the urban realm. We are a group who come together to tackle small projects that bring attention to bigger needs in our community.

We are informal, agile, and interdisciplinary. 
We believe in the power of public space to shape our lives. 
We seek to widen the net of inclusion in urban design. 

To learn more about our current projects and to get involved in Chattanooga's community of doers, click below. 


Startup Week Zebras.jpg

Traffic zebras

As a result of concerns for pedestrian safety in Chattanooga, particularly for school children and their families, a cohort of Urbanists decided to take to the streets. Armed with a few suits and a little inspiration, the zebras have been at work since Summer 2017.

Hip Hop Shuttle.jpg

hip hop on the shuttle

In celebration of an existing free downtown electric shuttle program underutilized by locals, CURB has coordinated three (and counting!) evenings of live music and dancing on the shuttles in partnership with CARTA and Hip Hop CHA

What's for Lunch.jpg

Walk 2 lunch

To support long-standing and minority-owned restaurants in our quickly growing downtown, CURB members meet, walk to lunch, and get to know business owners in the area.