Film Friday

Film Friday is a free monthly event advancing conversation on urban issues through short films and honest dialogue. Each hour-long event includes free lunch, 20-30 minutes’ worth of film on topics ranging from sustainability to social justice, and conversation afterward facilitated by an outside expert on that month’s topic.

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Recent Screenings


December 2018, Facilitated by Eric Myers


Past Screenings

In search of the human scale

November 2018

how public spaces make cities work

October 2018, Facilitated by Akosua Cook 

The ghastly tragedy of the suburbs

August 2018, Facilitated by Teresa Cole

buses as democracy in action

July 2018, Facilitated by Michael Walton

A matter of place

June 2018, Facilitated by Vanessa Jackson

Velo liberte

May 2018, Facilitated by Aaron Cole

the happy city experiment

April 2018, Facilitated by Mary Stargel

Portland: a sense of place

February 2018, Facilitated by Lindsey Willke

creating the beloved community

January 2018, Facilitated by Daniela Peterson

here comes the neighborhood

December 2017, Facilitated by SEVEN and Meagan Shinn

iconic sculpture of jaume plensa

November 2017, Facilitated by Katelyn Kirnie

take back your city with paint

October 2017, Facilitated by Josiah Golson

How to revive a neighborhood with imagination, beauty and art

September 2017, Facilitated by James McKissic

people live here

August 2017

the hope of our cities

July 2017

the struggles of our cities

June 2017

the cerebral city

May 2017

the love of city

April 2017

the guggenheim museum of bilbao

March 2017

glasgow school of art

February 2017

philips exeter academy library

January 2017

the vienna savings bank

November 2016