public realm action plan

With a people-first approach, the final plan will identify pilot projects and strategic investments to make our downtown and Innovation District more inviting for all.



Cityscapes III

This study analyzes the histories, identities, and strengths of our downtown and adjacent urban neighborhoods to better understand their connectivity and unique qualities.



Westside Neighborhood Study

This effort reviews the Westside's unique history, current condition and future principles for people first planning as eminent growth and change affect the future of this neighborhood.


Cityscapes II Cover

Cityscapes ii

Cityscapes II investigates our city's corridors as the connective structure of the City, serving as both key social linkages and distinct places for people.


my chatt house

This project is an effort to document and celebrate the character of Chattanooga's urban neighborhoods, thereby laying the groundwork to protect their future.



south broad district study

The South Broad District Study was initiated to bring the public together to envision a new future for an underutilized portion of our downtown. 



The basis for intervention is understanding through analysis; we mobilized our design team to survey existing conditions in the city and published a report with the findings. 




University Collaborations

The Studio is built on a rich legacy of student work, and we honor this history by partnering with universities in the surrounding region. These semester-long engagements bring bright ideas to challenging sites, sparking new ways to support our vibrantly growing city.


University of Tennessee

College of Architecture and Design

Beginning with an investigation of two transects in Chattanooga, the Riverwalk and Main Street, these corridors provided a foundation for each student team to chose a unique site to inform an architectural program and design solution.



Auburn University

School of Architecture

A Comprehensive Design Studio and competition for 4th year architecture students, a key site in the Innovation District at the east edge of Patten Parkway provided unique challenges for the student projects considering urban condition, building program, structure and integrative design.